Greater clarity and extreme comfort

Main features common to all sunglasses of the collection:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • UV protection
  • The ISO’s norm
  • Category 3

Main features of the Athos 1 Series lenses (in addition to the common features)

  • Polarized
  • Protection against blue light
  • Infrared protection (heat)

Anti-reflective treatment

CEMO has selected Dalloz Creations’ lenses with anti-reflective coating.

When light hits the lens of a pair of glasses, part of the light is transmitted as far as the eye of the wearer whilst another part undergoes multiple reflections within the same lens.

Sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating transmit only useful visible light to the eye for clear, sharp vision. Disturbing phenomena such as a mirror effect and ghost images are substantially reduced.

This anti-reflective coating ensures greater clarity and extreme comfort thanks to the attenuation of up to 80% of multiple reflections.

The antireflection treatment, designed by Dalloz Creations, is particularly appreciated during activities where vision is important (driving, sport, walking…), during prolonged exposure to the sun (beach, terrace, altitude …) or for leisure activities (reading, writing…).

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Sun protection factors

The sun protection factor is the ability to filter the sunrays.

It must appear on every sunglass.

Here are the different categories of sun protection factors and their conditions of use.

Category 0 lenses:

These spectacle lenses have a very slight tint.

They filter from 0 to 19% of sunlight.

These are usually aesthetic comfort glasses.

Warning: this category of protection is very light and does not provide effective protection against ultraviolet radiation when exposed to strong sunlight.

Category 1 lenses:

These are slightly tinted sunglasses, which filter between 20% and 57% of sunlight. This type of index is recommended for situations of soft sunlight, such as in winter or bad weather.

This type of index is not recommended for massive exposure to strong sunlight.

Category 2 lenses:

These sunglasses filter between 58% to 82% of the ambient sunlight.

This protection will be effective in average sunlight situations.

Category 3 lenses:

These filters are perfect for most sunshine situations. These sunglasses filter 83% to 92% of sunlight. They provide excellent protection against sunlight and glare in lots of activities.

This protection will be particularly effective in high sunlight situations (summer, holidays at the sea, beach or winter sports).

Category 4 lenses:

These filters are the most powerful, they can filter up to 97% of sunlight. They can only be used in extreme light conditions, such as mountaineering on glaciers or in the high mountains, as the brightness is increased by the reverberation on ice and snow.

Category 4 sunglasses are prohibited for driving because they affect the vision and eye perception of colors.