Patrouille de France sunglasses are distributed directly by the manufacturer CEMO

Patrouille de France sunglasses collection is distributed through a short distribution circuit. Indeed, CEMO directly distribute the collection to opticians and individuals on internet.

The distribution to opticians does not follow traditional pattern we observe in optical sector. CEMO distribute Patrouille de France sunglasses collection without intermediary, directly to opticians. This approach makes possible to offer French Origin Guaranteed frames, at an affordable price, since the distribution costs are lower. Also, this approach enables opticians to be in direct contact with CEMO factory, where the frames are made. The after-sales service is also managed internally by CEMO.

Regarding retail distribution: online sales, customer service and after-sales service are entirely provided by CEMO.


How do we make our collection known?

In order to present Patrouille de France collection to opticians, we solicit them by phone. We also participate in professional meetings such as SILMO and “Lunettes Party” fair.

We also use social networks to share the values and image of the collection with individuals and opticians.

I’m optician, I would like to see the collection before establishing it in my shop. How to do?

You want to distribute Patrouille de France sunglasses collection but you would like to see the frames before making a decision? No problem. You can make your selection of frames and order online. If, upon receipt, you are not satified, contact the customer service who will take on asking our transporter to pickup the package. You can also choose to keep som frames and exchange those that do not suit you.

I’m an individual, I want to buy Patrouille de France sunglasses. How to do?

  • Go to visit one of our partner opticians
  • Order on our online shop and ask for a delivery:
    • At home
    • At the store of one of partner opticians: you will receive advice from professionals who can inform you about our collection.